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Want to experience for yourself how an electrically adjustable seat works? Try out different types and versions yourself? Experience how it feels when you can adjust a seat to your personal needs? A comprehensive explanation of how increasing comfort and preventing back problems can contribute to job satisfaction and productivity?

Then order our demo bus! One of our advisors is happy to come to your company to let you experience and test for yourself! Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this.

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Prevent back pain by following expert advice with no obligation to buy

To find the perfect seat for use in forklift trucks, earthworks machinery and agricultural and forestry equipment – that’s what we aim for with a visit from our demo van and seating specialist.

Adjustable for a personal fit

Every work situation differs from the next, and every back has its own quirks. That’s why it is very important to be able to adjust your seat to your personal comfort. All personal positions can be adjusted immediately and automatically with the unique memory function, which is operated by a control panel on the seat itself, an NFC card or magnetic key or with the special TRÔNE web-app on your mobile phone.

As with all our TRÔNE seats, the lumbar positioning on this comfortable seat can be adjusted by hand. The seat is, of course, also available with all power functions but without the memory box.

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