Sitting ergonomically responsible on the TRÔNE Memory seat prevents back pain

The TRÔNE seat contributes to healthy and safe working through its shape and adjustment options. It has been specifically developed for working on equipment, but also for 24/7 office applications. The reason to have a TRÔNE seat installed on or in your vehicle is to prevent back problems. Due to the ergonomics of the seat and the various individually adjustable functions, an ideal seat is achieved that ensures that back problems are a thing of the past.

Optimal personal sitting

Various types of TRÔNE seats have been developed for different types of work. Each type is aimed at achieving an optimal personal sitting.


TRÔNE High Back without headrest, equipped with Easy Grip 3-point belt on a Linde Forklift.


Trektest High Back

Excellent result tension test
for the TRÔNE High Back!

At the request of a client, TRÔNE Seating had an intensive tensile test performed at a test center for the TRÔNE High Back seat.

We expected that we would pass the tensile test successfully. But that our pride, the High Back, would hold up so well, was a pleasant surprise!

The demonstrable proof that the engineering and production of this revolutionary driver’s seat for forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles is more than in order.

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Easy-grip safety belt

Your safety is our priority. Designed for use in trucks, vans and forklifts, our seats can be equipped with advanced 2-, 3- and 4-point belt systems to provide optimal protection. These belts meet strict safety standards and ensure that you remain firmly and comfortably in your seat, even during unexpected maneuvers. Rely on TRÔNE seats and corresponding belt systems for a safe working environment.

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How can the electrically TRÔNE Memory seat help you?

If a REFIT or an UPGRADE of your existing seat cannot achieve maximum results, we recommend that you try a TRÔNE optimally adjustable seat. The TRÔNE seat contributes to healthy and safe working through its shape and adjustability. It is specifically designed for working on equipment, as well as for 24/7 office applications.

There are various types for different types of work. Each type has the ability to achieve optimal personal seating.

Designed for working without back problems in various applications.

100% knowing you're
sitting healthy and safely?

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