With over 45 years of experience TRÔNE seating provides a professional RI&E for mobile sitting situations

With years of experience in the field of mobile seating, TRÔNE Seating has introduced a number of innovations to the driver’s seat market with its engineering department. Over the years we have therefore become a household name in the market in the field of Risk Inventory & Evaluation in mobile seating solutions.

What is a Risk Inventory & Evaluation?

A Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) describes the risks in the company in the field of health and safety for employees. As an employer, this gives you quick insight into the situation and you can see where improvements are needed in the company. An RI&E includes a Plan of Approach. This describes which measures you, as an employer, take to tackle the identified risks. The risks related to the sitting situations of employees are also included in the RI&E Action Plan.

Ergonomics, ease of use and seating comfort at their best!

There are many seats on the market, but they are often standard and not suitable for specific working conditions. They often also do not have sufficient adjustment options to offer the variety of drivers a suitable sitting position. TRÔNE Seating can carry out an extensive RI&E report for you, allowing you to make an optimal choice for the most suitable and safest seating solution for your employees.

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A non-binding inventory meeting with TRÔNE Seating will quickly give you a good picture of quick wins and innovations in seating solutions that can make a big difference for your daily practice and your employees in terms of safety and risk reduction.

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Watch the video explanation below about the 3-point belt specially developed by TRÔNE.


How can the electrically TRÔNE Memory seat help you?

If a REFIT or an UPGRADE of your existing seat cannot achieve maximum results, we recommend that you try a TRÔNE optimally adjustable seat. The TRÔNE seat contributes to healthy and safe working through its shape and adjustability. It is specifically designed for working on equipment, as well as for 24/7 office applications.

There are various types for different types of work. Each type has the ability to achieve optimal personal seating.

Designed for working without back problems in various applications.


The optimum ergonomics of your workplace

When developing a cabin, the required functionality and design are considered rather than the ergonomics of the workplace. Some cabins are particularly restrictive. Think of the cabin of a container truck. It is low, which means that a good suspension often cannot be used, heavy, which means that it transmits a lot of vibrations, and small, which means that one sits too low, cannot lose one’s legs and cannot turn around the axis to look back.

Tall drivers have a hard time in such a situation. The forklift seat hinders healthy working on the truck and is limited in its possibilities because it is built for the machine and not for humans.

Optimizing the seating situation

TRÔNE Seating can help you find smart solutions to optimize such a seating situation. TRÔNE works together with specialists from all disciplines. From engineering, design, to health and safety specialists.

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Engineering sketch of the TRÔNE Low Back Electric. Developed for working without back problems in various applications.

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