Ergonomics meets innovation - the TRÔNE Memory chair is your shield against back pain.

Are you an employer with drivers who work long hours on the road or in office environments? The TRÔNE Memory Chair is more than an ergonomic chair; it is a commitment to the health and well-being of your staff. This chair is the heart of a healthy workplace and the secret behind preventing back pain.

The TRÔNE promise: healthy and safe working

Why is a TRÔNE chair essential for preventing back injuries, unlike regular chairs? The reality is that the standard driver's chair or office chair often does not meet the ergonomic needs of professionals who sit for long periods of time. Improper sitting posture, lack of support and a one-size-fits-all design can lead to chronic back pain. These discomforts range from mild stiffness to acute back pain and can result in long-term health problems and absence from work. Our chairs are precision designed to contribute to a healthy and safe work environment. Suitable for intensive use on equipment and in 24/7 office applications, the TRÔNE chair guarantees a preventive approach against back pain.

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Choose health, choose TRÔNE

Investing in a TRÔNE chair is investing in a foundation of well-being for your employees. It is direct action against lower back pain when sitting and a strategic decision that leads to a healthier and more engaged workforce. Leave standard office chair back pain behind and choose TRÔNE Seating's specialized solution. Check out our products.

Let TRÔNE Seating set the standard for comfort and health in your fleet or office. Contact us today for an on-site demo bus and let your team experience the TRÔNE Memory chair.


TRÔNE High Back without headrest, equipped with Easy Grip 3-point belt on a Linde Forklift.

Features of the TRÔNE Memory Chair

  • Personal memory function: With personally adjustable features, the TRÔNE Memory Chair remembers your ideal seating position to provide consistent comfort.
  • Tailored comfort: A wide range of chair types means there is an optimal, personalized seating experience for any type of work.
  • Advanced ergonomics: The TRÔNE chair's thoughtful shape and adjustability provide an unparalleled ergonomic experience.

Why choose the TRÔNE Memory Chair?

  • Prevention of back pain: The TRÔNE chair is designed to actively prevent back pain, an essential investment in the health of your drivers.
  • Safety and productivity: A healthy back is a safe back. Reduce risk and increase alertness with a chair that provides comfort and safety.
  • Durability and reliability: Invest in a chair built to perform in the most demanding environments, year after year.

How can the electrically TRÔNE Memory seat help you?

If a REFIT or an UPGRADE of your existing seat cannot achieve maximum results, we recommend that you try a TRÔNE optimally adjustable seat. The TRÔNE seat contributes to healthy and safe working through its shape and adjustability. It is specifically designed for working on equipment, as well as for 24/7 office applications.

There are various types for different types of work. Each type has the ability to achieve optimal personal seating.

Designed for working without back problems in various applications.

100% knowing you're
sitting healthy and safely?

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