TRÔNE Seating stoelen voor elektrisch vervoer

Ergonomic seating and back pain-free driving in your electric vehicle

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How can the electrically TRÔNE Memory seat help you as driver?

The TRÔNE seat contributes to healthy and safe working through its shape and adjustability. It is also specifically designed for placement in electric transport vehicles.

Optimal personal seating

There are various types for different types of applications. Each type has the possibility to achieve an optimal personal seat. Also in terms of chassis and suspension, a lot is possible to adjust the seat as optimally as possible to the user requirements of you as a driver.

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TRÔNE seat versions for Electric transportation at a glance

Here you will find the standard available versions specifically for Electric transportation. Of course, every seat can be customized with desired features and accessories.

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Electric adjustment options

  1. Extendable seat cushion
  2. Back cushion angle
  3. Tiltable seat cushion
  4. High Back: Tilt shoulder, neck and headrest
    Low Back: Back cushion height
  5. Lumbar support
  6. Seat length
    electric or manual
  7. Optional: air suspension
Instelmogelijkheden High Back
Instelmogelijkheden Low Back

TRÔNE Memory badge

The TRÔNE seat can also be easily adjusted using the Memory badge.

Using the Memory badge, the TRÔNE memory seat automatically adjusts to the personally saved settings within seconds. This can be done for up to 999 people per seat.

The benefits

Ergonomic seating is made possible by the 7 or more different memory settings.

Each person has their own profile, which can easily be set for multiple TRÔNE seats.

The result

Through optimal seating comfort and support, there is less back pain and fatigue, more focus and productivity. Less sick leave!

100% knowing you're
sitting healthy and safely?

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